Dear god everyone take a chill pill. (A complaint of today’s society via Doctor Who.)

Hello, everyone, it’s Mastermind here, and today I’m going to do something I never thought I would do in a million years, I’m writing a non-fiction complaint about current events. This is honestly rather strange for me, partially because I’ve never really kept up to date with current events, and is probably a huge mistake but I have few followers, and this is my only writing platform so here goes. P.S beware of the occasional swear word.

As the title points out we’re here today to talk about Doctor Who; the British sci-fi show that so many people (including me) adore. Specifically I, like so many before me I presume, am going to broach the topic of our new FEMALE doctor.

This is something that is particularly important to me because Doctor Who was one of the things that got me writing, one of my first works was a Doctor Who/Torchwood fanfiction and though rereading it years later shows how much it stunk it was the freedom of imagination in the Whoverse that allowed me to start writing.

Now to be honest when the news broke of a female doctor I wasn’t particularly thrilled wasn’t disappointed either, I was just neutral like I am with every new doctor because I like seeing them in action before I make a final judgement. As someone who adores Doctor Who and has watched every episode she can get her hands on (everything from the second doctor onwards, sorry Mr Hartnell but I just can’t find you online), I suppose it probably should have felt like a bigger thing. But it didn’t. My best friend messaged me, and she was ecstatic about the news, and a little disappointed that I wasn’t, and I thought that was the end of it until the new season starts. Boy was I wrong.

I am fairly isolated, I live in rural France and have no television (as in channels we have one for films), so most of my news comes from Facebook, and for the last few days I can’t open my newsfeed without seeing something about the new doctor. That in itself is probably not so much of a shock, neither are the multitude of different opinions, but it has made me change mine. Because where as before I thought: “Female doctor bummer but I’m sure it’ll be great” now I’m thinking “Fuck yeah a female doctor show them you can kick ass”. I’ve never seen Jodie Whittaker, but my friend has and says she’s a brilliant actress who has taken on varying roles and shouldn’t have any problems in the acting department. So that’s one thing I assume people can’t complain about.

Meanwhile, let’s be perfectly honest here it’s not like Doctor Who (and the BBC in general) haven’t stirred things up before. It’s technically a children’s educational programme (have you seen the innuendos in it? I mean seriously it’s terrifying I never noticed as a child) and has used its popularity to educate children on equality, change, diversity, and acceptance. For a few examples of things I can only presume were not popular at the time (either because I wasn’t alive or was too young to care) in no particular order there is: Captain Jack Harkness (god I loved him) who I can only assume caused problems with his continual flirting, sexual innuendos, being openly bisexual (or omnisexual I’m pretty sure that’s a thing) and that episode where he’s totally naked. Going back a long, long time ago in a country very close to where I live and a situation not dissimilar to this, the doctor’s first ever regeneration didn’t exactly go down smoothly either. Apparently, Patrick Troughton (second doctor) received a lot of criticism for his role. Doctor/Companion romances were also apparently frowned upon during the original series (having been formally introduced to the universe by The Doctor and Rose that was an interesting thing to learn), and people got very annoyed if such relationships were so much as hinted at (thank god for fanfiction I suppose). I’m sure there’s many more but to be honest, I do enough research for my writing, and I’m hoping by now I’ve made my point.

It’s not like I don’t understand and even sympathise with some of the positions taken against a female doctor, after all, everyone has the right to their own opinion no matter how unpopular or ridiculous. For instance, I completely understand Peter Davison who believes it is taking away a powerful positive role model from boys, but it’s being taken to an extreme (hence the chill pill). Yes, I understand some of you are annoyed or even feel betrayed, but if it wasn’t something the BBC thought would take off they wouldn’t have done it. They can’t have a programme that no one watches can they. In the same line as Peter Davison, but in the other direction, (sorry celery man) girls deserve powerful positive role models as well. I’m not much of a movie/tv buff I prefer books but from what I’ve seen a lot of the really popular sci-fi stuff is male lead, though the female seconds are usually pretty kick ass, so it never bothered me.

The thing, however, that really changed my stance from meh to bring it on was the huge amount of articles about Jodie Whittaker’s nude photo’s in the Sun. Because seriously what the fuck? I mean sure I understand that some people think these shouldn’t have been put in the newspaper because they were ‘private’ or that it’s her own fault for getting naked on camera but let’s get something straight this is all happening because she got the lead role on a KIDS SHOW. Children aren’t going to have seen the movies she got naked in (usually anyway) and if the article I actually bothered to read was wrong and they weren’t all from films but were also her private photo’s, um the key work is private and if they hadn’t been published it wouldn’t be a problem. I did a google search, and several other Doctor Who stars were in some less than family friendly films (and lets be honest I’m pretty sure the first naked guy I saw was on doctor who, de-clothing ray blocking his crotch be damned) and I don’t remember much uproar then, though maybe I just wasn’t paying attention though I highly doubt I’d have missed all of it if there had been. No the problem here is that she’s a woman and modern society has a list of things they expect of a woman, and if she doesn’t fit in their little box, they bully her. Though to be honest they do it to men as well, but it appears to be a bigger thing with women, I think society needs some reworking.

As a final point (because this has gotten seriously out of hand) this is not the first show to drastically shake something up whether it be gender, race, or some other thing and in the spirit of things I made another list from personal experience:

-Wilson Fisk in Daredevil: I’ve never read the comic books, so I don’t know which is the ‘correct’ one, and only started watching the tv show because I thought Charlie Cox looked call doing all that acrobatic stuff. After I had watched the show I decided to watch the movie despite people telling me it was terrible, and I discovered Wilson Fisk, while white in the show, was black in the movie. I didn’t care and went on with my life, but there’s that.

-Asian characters being turned white: I only know this because I hang out with geeks but they were not pleased when Ghost in the shell had a white lead actress for the Asian character, but a couple said they liked the movie anyway.

-The ancient one in Dr Strange: Along the same lines as the last one not only did they cast a white person for an Asian role but they turned the character into a woman, gasp, personally I thought the film was great and Tilda Swinton rocks anyway.

-Joan Watson in Elementary: Personally I was a little wary when I discovered the series, but I think it turned out okay, despite the fact it didn’t grab me and I stopped watching after season two. My mum loved it though, and Lucy Liu is a brilliant actress, so I’m sure it was fine. {Though speaking of Watson while we’re on the subject and returning to one of my previous points Martin Freeman one of the stars of BBC’s Sherlock did several nude fake sex scenes in Love Actually, was there as much fuss when he was cast as Watson?}

That’s all off the top of my head like I said it never really marks me because I honestly don’t usually care. People just need to get used to it and take that chill pill I keep offering. However I am going to add a couple, purely for humour because this is all too serious for me, that did piss me off enough that I felt ridiculous afterwards:

-Lily Evans in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows: Like seriously people it is stressed so much that Harry has his mother’s eyes that was probably one of the only things people expected (slight exaggeration but still) it annoyed me so much I had to take a minute to question my existence.

-Lucifer in Lucifer: As one of the few comics I’d read I could hardly wait for the tv show, and then Lucifer wasn’t blond. I mean the actor is great don’t get me wrong and so is the series, but he just wasn’t blond, and it bothered me for most of the first episode, but I got over it pretty quick.

-Arya Drottningu in Eragon: To be honest that entire movie was a disappointment after reading the books (I’d watched the movie thought this is brilliant I’ll but the books) but the thing that got to me the most as I watched the film again after reading the books was Arya, her personality yes but mostly her hair because after watching the film I automatically imagined her with that hair colour while reading only to discover it was in fact black. Though in my defence I was probably about 12 at the time.

Okay, rant over now if you made it to the end of this post I just want you to know that you were fantastic (and you know what so was I) and if this hasn’t completely put you off my blog for life the next chapter of The Ward Estate should be up today.




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