The Ward Estate.

Hey everyone Mastermind here, I’ve been slacking on my creative writing recently because along with school work which is taking up a lot of my time I also have a novel in the works. To counteract this I’ve decided to post another novel I was working on that sort of came to a standstill some time ago so it may suddenly stop without much of a warning, though I have started working on it again so there might be more. I may end up posting some character presentations for the main characters soon but I’m not sure yet.

Of lockpicks and ex-boyfriends.

Hey Mastermind here, and look an actually filled writing prompt it’s been an age. I finished this about a month or two ago but was going to add a second part so didn’t upload it, there may still be a second part if I ever get my ass in gear. This is sort of in the immortals verse but I’m not to good with continuity so it’s those characters with a vaguely different setting and mildly edited backgrounds, I believe.

Feel free to tell me what you think.


Of lockpicks and exboyfriends


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One month on.

Hey Mastermind here it’s been almost a month since my last post and surprise surprise I’ve posted nothing of interest. This may not change until July as I have exams coming up but I’m going to try a little harder this time.

And another word for useless…

Hello everyone Mastermind here! Did you know that my name is a synonym for useless? Sorry for the long absence I’ve had stuff ready to post and everything but I just haven’t gotten round to it. I’ve got two weeks holiday ahead of me so I’m going to try and get more stuff on here. Though of course I may just sleep the whole week so no promises.

Supernatural facebook fanfic.

Hey everyone Mastermind here. I still haven’t finished any of the writing prompts I’ve started recently because inspiration for the novel I’m trying to write has been flowing like a river. So I’ve decided to post some of my fanfics instead because I happen to be a huge nerd who’s in way to many fandoms. This one, as the title would suggest, is for Supernatural which is possibly the only fandom I’ve actually finished fanfics for but I’m working on others. This is also on AO3 with the possibilities of updates so feel free to check it out there and leave me kudos. This came into being during a rather boring 2 hour lecture on the dangers of social media and the internet in general that I was forced to attend. Warning for sexually suggestive themes, swearing, and everything else associated with Supernatural.


Crowley updated his status.

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Soap Opera.

Hey everyone Mastermind here, so my life recently went from comical to borderline soap opera and as you can see that hasn’t left me with much time to get on here but I’m back now. Well hopefully anyway. Some writing did get done during this brief hiatus but unfortunately, or fortunately in some cases, it was only to do with my main book. However there will be a writing prompt or two up very soon.