Lucifer fanfic part 2.

Alice hated large cities. Especially large cities filled with humans. She’d never had anything against humanity, at least not anything major, but Father did humans get on her nerves. She had a photo of Belial and she showed it around the station until someone recognized him.
“Yeah, I saw him last night.” Some woman, in Alice’s opinion a hooker but who was she to judge, admitted after the angel waved around 20bucks. “Wanted directions to that piano bar, Lux.”
“Did he get them?” She asked resigning herself to a possible meeting with Lucifer when the woman nodded. “Thanks.” She handed over the twenty and headed off, she was pretty sure the runaways owned an apartment in the area.

By that evening she’d restocked the place, found suitable clothes, located her ID, and cursed heaven out about 70 times.
“You sure you’re old enough to be in here miss?” The bouncer asked her for what had to be the hundredth time, and she’d never hated looking like a teen so much in her existence. She considered zapping him but didn’t want to draw attention, which magic would undoubtedly do, so she just smiled.
“You have my ID and the little medical card that explains the apparent age discrepancy.” The bouncer nodded, handing her stuff back and stepping aside.
“Alright sorry for the inconvenience but the bar staff will probably ask as well.”
“I understand.” She assured him as she went in and found a table. The place was crowded to the point where she doubted she’d be able to spot Belial even if he was there.
“Something to drink?” A young man asked and she barely refrained herself from rolling her eyes, there were reasons she didn’t go out very often.
“Nah I’m good.” She’d go up to the bar in a bit, for now, she just wanted to get the lay of the place. The man frowned but headed off, leaving her free to enjoy the music and look around.
“Can I see some ID please?” Alice’s inner voice quickly reminded her she couldn’t fry anyone without drawing attention to herself as she turned to look at the woman who had addressed her. Mazikeen, her brain supplied helpfully as she smiled, probably a good thing she was on her best behaviour.
“No problem.” She said as she handed it over. The demon looked it over before nodding and handing it back.
“Sorry about that but my boss has become very strict about underage drinkers.”
“It’s fine, I’m not on alcohol tonight anyway.”
“What are you drinking? I’ll get you one on the house for the inconvenience.”
“Coke but that’s really not necessary…” She tried but the demon was already heading to the bar. “Oh well.” She’d finished her drink and was considering getting another one when she spotted Lucifer at the bar talking to Mazikeen. Without a second thought, she got up and headed over to their end of the bar careful not to seem to focused. “Can I get a coke please?” She asked one of the bartenders while keeping an ear on the others conversation. With any luck without being spotted because she so wasn’t ready to talk to Lucifer.
“…either way he’s bound to be back.” Mazikeen was saying to an obviously annoyed Lucifer.
“Did he at least say what he wanted?” The archangel huffed as he took a swig of his drink.
“I’m retired Maze.”
“Well considering you got him into this mess the least you could do would be help him out.” The demon snapped before heading off just as Alice got her drink. She was about to head back to her table when a hand landed on her shoulder.
“Don’t see many people with non-alcoholic drinks around here,” Lucifer said as he moved to stand in front of her, charming smile and all.
“A friend recommended it and I promised to check it out but I don’t really drink.” She explained trying very hard not to step back, she still loved her brother but he terrified her.
“I see, how are you liking it so far?”
“It’s nice.”
“I’m glad, excuse me.” Alice nodded and he was gone leaving her to heave a small sigh of relief.
“Unobservant idiot.” She muttered as she reached a table, watching as Lucifer made his way through the crowds to the piano. It wasn’t unusual for angels to mistake her for a mortal, she worked very hard at it in fact, but archangels tended to notice. Lucifer sat at the piano and began to play, drawing a soft smile from Alice who wondered if he’d sing, she’d always liked his voice. Before she could find out her phone vibrated insistently in her pocket. “Yeah.” She practically snapped as she answered, only to find she couldn’t actually hear the caller. “Give me a sec.” She said loudly as she made her way onto the street outside. “Yeah?”
“Sorry to bother you, Alice. Was kind of hoping you’d seen Constantine?” Chas apologized and Alice couldn’t help but grimace at the thought of running into the Brit here. As much as she liked the occultist he was a danger to be around and a sure fire way of getting her made.
“Why’d you think I’d have seen him?”
“John mentioned you in connection with a certain Belial before he dropped off the grid,” Alice swore quite proficiently in Latin. Why couldn’t things be simple anymore?
“I’ll keep you updated but so far I haven’t seen him.”
“Alright well call if you need any help,” Chas said before hanging up on her.
Leaning back against the wall she put her phone away and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, the first pack she’d brought in years, taking out the last one. Smoking was a nasty habit she’d much rather not indulge in but it calmed her nerves.
“Need a light?” Alice turned round to find Lucifer flicking open his lighter and holding it out to her.
“Thanks.” She muttered as she lit it and took a puff, letting the smoke burn her lungs before exhaling. She was starting to get the feeling her father didn’t like her much.
“Sorry for following you out here, but I was wondering if we’d met before, you’re frightfully familiar?”
“Doubt it, I’m new to L.A.” She took another drag of her cigarette, it was just her luck that the thing meant to relax her was accompanied by her main source of stress.
“Never been here before?”
“Not recently.”
Lucifer eyed her curiously as she finished off her cigarette and flicked it away, she was going to have to get some more at some stage. She was about to go inside when she caught sight of someone across the road, someone who looked suspiciously like Belial. Catching sight of her the fallen angel turned and legged it. Swearing Alice took off after him, ignoring the confused shout she received from Lucifer as she darted through the cars. Belial had an unfair advantage over her, for starters he was dressed for this sort of thing whereas she was not and her brother also looked like he was made of solid muscle which had to be helping. They’d probably crossed a good half the city when Alice turned an alley corner and received the other angel’s fist in her face. She fell back against the wall and before she could straighten herself Belial was upon her.
“Don’t you have anything better to do sister?” He growled as he pressed down against her neck.
“Lot’s, unfortunately, you got in the way so if you’d like to go back to Hell that would be great.”
“How about I break your neck instead?” Alice gritted her teeth she didn’t like that idea in the slightest, though to be honest she should probably be thankful he hadn’t done it already. In one quick move, she twisted his arm and kicked out, sending him flying into the opposite wall with a growl. “Bitch.” He hissed as he turned.
“Thanks for noticing I work very hard at it.” She said with a half bow as she drew one of her knives.
“You really think you can take me in close combat?”
Nope, Alice did not think she could take Belial in close combat, her face was throbbing, her head was throbbing, her neck was throbbing, he was bigger than her and nastier than her. But it wasn’t like she had much choice in the matter. Belial now had two nasty looking black blades in hand, longer than Alice’s knife and she fervently wished she’d brought her sword out with her. A bit too late for regrets now though. Belial launched himself at her and she just barely had time to throw herself out of the way, summoning up another knife as she did. Her brother grinned and this time she stood her ground when he came at her. Alice had never been one to fight fair, it was something that had infuriated most of the other archangels but it was also the only way she used to beat them. Belial seemed to realize she wasn’t going to be as easy to overpower as the angels he’d run into since escaping because as soon as he had an opening he legged it, throwing one of his blades at her as he did. Alice swore as she stood up, having had to throw herself to the ground to avoid the knife. Belial was gone and all she had to show for the fight were a few extra cuts and a bruised face. Sighing she picked up Belial’s blade and wrapped it up before getting rid of it and her own. It was while she was doing that that she realized her bag was gone.
“Fuck.” She hissed as she looked around in case she’d lost it during the fight, unlikely as Belial would have probably used it to his advantage had she still had it, she must have dropped it when she’d gone after him. She took a deep breath and considered leaving the bag and heading home, but she was going to have to stake out Lux again anyway so going back now would hardly be a problem.


The Ward Estate Chapter 8

Wow, this took longer to sort than I expected it would sorry about that. On an interesting note, I may end up completely rewriting this (the series in general not just this chapter) because I’ve realized how much my writing style has evolved since I wrote this. Though to be honest it seems like a lot to me but it’s probably not that much. Anyhow enjoy.

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Lucifer fanfic part 1.

Alright so here it is the first part of the fanfic which remember is very loosely based on the vertigo verses, as in I borrowed the settings and characters and that’s about it. But anyway I enjoyed writing it which at the end of the day is my main objective half the time because most of my fanfics are written when I’m assuring I write 500 words a day, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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VERTIGO fanfic, sort of.

Alright so I didn’t originally write this to be posted but it’s gotten much bigger than I’d thought it would and to be honest I don’t see the point of leaving it in a folder on my computer for eternity when someone somewhere might actually like it. It’s loosely based on Vertigo’s Lucifer, both the comics and the first season of the tv show, and Constantine, just the tv show because I haven’t gotten around to reading the comics yet, as well as one of my original verses. Though it’s one continual fanfic I’ll be posting it in parts because it’s still in progress and I can separate it quite easily. Anyway, the first part should be up very soon so if it sounds like something you’d be interested in stay tuned.

Random update, someone upstairs hates me.

So despite my personal pledge to get back in the swing of my blog it may not actually be possible this month because my laptop has chosen this precise time to go on the fritz. I’m presuming dampness or water damage. So while I pray that leaving it to dry out works and aquire a USB keyboard in case the keyboard doesn’t come back to life updates are unsure because the family computer is a terrifying appliance.

The Ward Estate Chapter 7.

Here it is everyone I’ve finally managed to geta strong enough internet connection to correct and post chapter 7 of The Ward Estate. It’s been in my drafts books for nearly four days but I my internet connection kept dropping while I was trying to correct it and the I’d have to start all over. Hope you enjoy there’s a few more chapters ready and I have started writing it again so there may even be more to come.

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Once Upon A Time…

This prompt was filled for Dounia and Lea two of my classmates and while I finished it a little while after they chose it, June I think, I never got around to posting it. On top of all that I ended up using several ideas that had been floating around without homes so it’s probably going to be a series if I get my ass in gear. Hope you both like it and sorry it took so long girls.


Once Upon a Time

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Sincere apologies.

Hello everyone Mastermind here, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks which is why I haven’t been on here at all and have done very little writing in that time. However I’m back at school now which gives me a lot more time to write, I know that sounds odd but I have several free periods and an hour wait for my bus and nothing better to do with that time. I have got some stuff ready so I’ll be posting some stuff now and probably tomorrow. So sorry again for the absence and I’ll try harder in the foreseeable future.

The Mercury Verse.

Hey everyone Michael here! So I’m back because during Mastermind’s long absence she’s actually gotten some work done, if only a small amount, and there now a new verse of sorts. It’s actually the characters from two different verses, the first The Immortals which I am a part of was presented by Alice a little while ago and the second is from a novel Mastermind still hasn’t finished which contains a lot of urban fantasy elements.  Anyway, this verse is a magic-centric one based quite a bit on The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher it was created during an RP Mastermind is currently engaging in and while I’m only a side character there I’m a frequent flyer in the prompts she’s been doing in the verse.

The name comes from The Mercury gang, the main criminal body in the area, run by the demon Ajax and three out of four of Alice’s brothers. Alice is a PI who frequently works with the police, which puts her at odds with her brothers. Daniel is a lawyer who frequently causes trouble for Mercury just to upset Elijah. I’m still an assassin because seriously what else would I do, while Jay works at a pub. Jasper is now Alice’s cousin and works for the police while Marcus is head of the council (internationally). Alec runs a pub, not the same one Jay works at, and was previously a member of Mercury and Ace is still a member. New characters from the other verse include: Adam the head of the local council, Kevin head of the wardens, Anthony member of the council and the Wards uncle.

There you are I’m not sure if it’s any good words aren’t usually my line of work I tend to let Jay do it I have more important things to do but I promised Mastermind so I hope it’s sufficient. Ciao!