The Ward Estate Chapter 5

Here we go as promised here’s chapter 5, it took a little longer than originally intended due to internet problems but it’s here now and I hope everyone enjoys it.


Damian pulled on a pair of jeans and changed T-shirts before heading down stairs. Kris was outside the front door, tapping his hand against his leg nervously.

You could have come in you know, the door was unlocked.” Damian said as he opened the door, stepping aside to let the older boy in. “For that matter you have a key.”

I didn’t want to impose.” Kris shrugged as he stepped inside. “Beside I thought you’d come and see me when you woke up.”

I have literally just woken up Kris, healing the angel drained all my energy and I crashed, hard. You’re lucky I got up today at all.”

Hmm, why did you?”

The angel, who’s name is Balthazar by the way, woke up hours ago he’s been sat in my room.”

Kris pulled a face at that but didn’t comment, after all it wasn’t his place. If Damian wanted to take in stray angels that was his choice. Still didn’t mean he didn’t worry.

You’re going to be careful right?”

I’m always careful.” Damian replied with a lopsided grin.

Except when you’re not.”

Damian rolled his eyes sticking his tongue out at the other boy, before glancing at the stairs.

You want to meet him?”

I think not, at least not yet. Now that I’ve made sure you’re safe, I’m going back to my experiment’s. Have fun.”

Damian shook his head fondly as Kris made his way out. He was glad he had friends like that, no matter how annoying they sometimes were. Damian’s stomach grumbled rather loudly and he realised that he hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, meaning he’d skipped three meals. Sighing he headed towards the kitchen, with any luck Balthazar would find him just fine. He was going through the fridge, which unsurprisingly was nearly empty, when he heard what could only be Balthazar coming down the stairs.

Wonder if I have any rice.” He muttered moving over to the cupboard. The cupboard was unsurprisingly also rather empty and Damian failed to find any rice, although he did find a selection of instant noodles hidden at the back so they wouldn’t starve. He filled the kettle and set it on to boil just as Balthazar came in. “Food won’t take long, I’m guessing you’re hungry?”

Balthazar nodded, sitting down at the table as Damian got out bowls and set about making the noodles. Balthazar was silent through the whole process, merely saying a quick thank you when Damian set one of the bowls in front of him. Damian was content to let the silence last, mental planning what he’d need to get when he went into town the next day. His thoughts slowly drifted to the angel in front of him and he realized he hadn’t called Kaeleb yet. He had obviously drifted with his thoughts as when he refocused and looked up Balthazar was looking at him with bright green eyes and a small smile.

You are curious.” It wasn’t a question, not really.

That obvious, huh?”

It is understandable, after all my arrival was rather abrupt and at a rather strained time.”

Damian shrugged, not entirely sure where they were going with this.

There’s hardly an ideal time to crash land in someone’s forest.”


Although I must admit you seem much nicer than the angels who came looking for you.” Balthazar froze, a grimace twisting his features.

I was rather hoping Elyon wouldn’t be able to follow me.”

Oh he didn’t seem to have much trouble. Although he didn’t much like leaving.”

Hmm I should imagine not.” Balthazar murmured twirling his fork around absently. Damian seemed to hesitate for a second before asking.

Why was he after you?”

Because I deserted, it is never taken well especially in times of war and I am or rather was highly ranked within heaven’s army. It would reflect badly on the archangel’s if their high ranking soldiers were allowed to leave without repercussions.”

Damian winced, repercussions didn’t sound nice at all. Then again he remembered what Kaeleb said about angels that the only real difference between them and demons was the wings. He wasn’t entirely sure he believed that but there were definitely similarities.

Do you know Kaeleb?” He asked after another moments silence and Balthazar nodded.

We were quite close in heaven, although after his fall I was as much against him as everyone else. I haven’t seen him since then, I can’t imagine what he thinks of me.”

Damian shrugged, getting up and starting to clear the table.

You were following orders, he knows what that’s like.”

You are more understanding than most.”

I’m older than most.”

Balthazar nodded thoughtfully, glancing out the window at the slowly darkening sky. Damian placed the bowls in the sink, wrinkling his nose when he saw the large storm clouds rolling in.

I need to make a phone call, feel free to explore the house although I’d stay away from the basement. I kind of blew it up.”

Balthazar raised an eyebrow curiously as Damian headed out the kitchen in search of his phone. It was thankfully on the table where he’d left it the night before, which was honestly surprising things tended to get moved around if left unattended to long. Damn pixie’s. Damian went outside and sat on the porch, glaring up at the sky before dialling Kaeleb.

Yes Damian, how can I help you?”

Kaeleb sounded busy, oh well tough luck he was in charge of most if not all fallen angels. It would be worrying if he wasn’t busy.

You know that scuffle you told me about yesterday?”

Yes.” He sighed, annoyance creeping into his voice.

Well that scuffle landed me with an injured angel named Balthazar and an angel in need of an attitude adjustment who came looking for him named Elyon.”

The silence on the other end of the line was kind of worrying, Kaeleb was always thinking, planning, working but he was rarely silent. Finally Kaeleb spoke in his best neutral tone.

Is Balthazar all right?”

He’s fine now, I patched him up.”

And what about Elyon, what stopped him taking Balthazar back?”

Kris seemed to scare him.”

That’s… Rather unusual. I would hardly think that Elyon would run from any number of wizards without some sort of resistance.”

Oh him and 4 other angel’s.”

Well that doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Right, Yeah so I was wondering if you’d feel obliged to come down here and give me a hand?”

Damian I… “

Listen Kaeleb, I know you and Balthazar were friend’s and then…”

Weren’t. But that’s not why I hesitate.”

I swear you tell me you’re to busy I will make your life a living hell, honest to which ever gods still like me.” Damian growled in his best threatening tone. Although in all honesty the list of gods that still liked him was small.

Fine, I will be there within the next few hours. And Damian, Elyon is dangerous. Do be careful.”

Kaeleb hung up before Damian could answer and he wondered whether he’d upset him. Sighing he pocketed his phone and stared up at the sky. It looked like they were in for one hell of a storm although Damian didn’t much mind, he liked the rain. He sat there for a good ten minutes, staring up at the sky, before Balthazar came out to join him. Sitting down on the porch next to him.

You phoned Kaeleb.”

Damian glanced over at the angel but his face was unreadable.

Yea, he’s in charge after all.” Balthazar nodded and Damian continued. “He said he’ll be here in the next few hours.”

Balthazar stared up at the sky pensively and Damian was unsure what to say. He settled on letting the silence continue, focusing on the sky and the deep rumble of thunder in the distance followed by lightning flashing across the sky. Within five minutes the storm was upon them and the rain was coming down in buckets, Damian sighed as much as he liked rain he was getting wet and he should probably start the heating, the house got damp quickly. He motioned to the house signalling he was going in side and Balthazar nodded although he didn’t move. The boiler was at the back of the house behind the kitchen and although it was old and took along time to get going it could heat the whole house better than the fires could, it took Damian three tries to get it working but it went which was a blessing in it’s self considering he hadn’t had it on in nearly two weeks. When he came back through the house Kaeleb was standing in the hallway looking out the door. Kaeleb was taller than both Damian and Balthazar, at least 6′ and probably more, he had dark green eyes and black hair which was cut so it reached just below his ears.

You know talking to people really helps.” He said as he moved over to the stairs. He really needed to change into some warmer clothes.

I will talk to him, I was waiting for you.”


To make sure you hadn’t wandered off alone.”

I am not a kid Kaeleb. I can look after myself.”

A highly debatable notion I assure you Damian.”

Damian glared at Kaeleb before turning and heading up the stairs.

You can go outside and talk to him while I get changed. I don’t need to be present for any type of interrogating you need to do to make sure he can be trusted.”

Damian wait.” Kaeleb called, causing Damian to stop and look back at the angel now stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Do you think he can be trusted?”

Why ask me?”

First impressions are usually the best.”

The damage to his wings was extensive, passed the break they were littered with cuts and burns. Same for the rest of him, I can’t see anyone letting themselves be put through that willingly but I haven’t really talked to him that much. I’ve been asleep most of the time he’s been awake.”

He was on his own in the house?”

Yea, other than Onyx and Charlie. You can talk to them when ever you want but I would like to have a shower and get changed so you can talk to me later.”

Damian continued up the stairs before Kaeleb could say anything, although before he reached his room he heard the front door open so at least Kaeleb wouldn’t still be in the hall when he came back down. Damian wondered vaguely whether Balthazar had been wandering round the house while he was asleep, although he didn’t see why it would matter. There was nothing useful in any of the unlocked rooms anyway and anything in the locked rooms would probably have eaten him, or at the very least tried. 30 minutes later he was showered, dried and dressed in the same jeans, a green shirt and doc martin style boots, much warmer and rain resistant than the trainers. Kaeleb and Balthazar appeared to have moved inside as the porch was empty, although Onyx was sitting on the bottom step of the stairs.

Just so you know, the angel didn’t leave your room while you were asleep.” He said as Damian passed him. Damian stopped and turned towards the familiar with a raised eyebrow. “Kaeleb asked me if he left the room while you were asleep, which meant he’d already spoken to you. As much as a reproach you for being to trusting, Kaeleb is to suspicious and it tends to be contagious.”

Thanks Onyx.”

By the way they’re in the library.”

Damian nodded before heading through the house towards the library. The rain seemed to be coming down much harder than before and Damian worried about Delilah and Kris, after all the cottage roofs tended to leak a bit. The quite murmur of voices was easily distinguishable as he approached because the door had been left open. Kaeleb had lit a fire and he and Balthazar were sat in front of it talking softly, Damian lent against the door and watched until Kaeleb looked up at him. The older angel got up and came over to him a small smile on his face that Damian couldn’t help but return.

Take that it’s going well.”


That’s good, are you going to need me for anything any time soon?”

Not necessarily, why?”

It’s raining pretty hard out there, I was going to go and check on Delilah and Kris.”

That would be a good idea, will you need any help?”

Nah I’ll be fine, see you in a bit.”

Damian was right the rain was coming down much harder than before and he could barely see his hand in front of his face, thankfully he had both an umbrella and a torch all though the latter wasn’t helping much. Thankfully the cottages were all connected to the main house by pebble path’s, slightly slippery but not nearly as bad as the grass would be. Kris’s cottage was first and although the main lights were off Damian could see the faint glow of what was probably an oil lamp in the living room. He had to bang on the door hard for Kris to be able to hear him, the thunder now so loud and frequent it was like a constant back drop. When Kris finally answered the door Damian had trouble not laughing the former wizard now werewolf was soaked, although the rest of the house look vaguely dry.

Do not laugh.” He warned.

Wasn’t even considering it. So what happened?”

Part of my roof fell in and apparently the spells I created only keep the inside of the house dry not the occupant.”

You sure I can’t laugh?”

You want me to tell Delilah you have a crush on her.”

I don’t!”

But who will she believe?”

Damian glared at Kris but the desire to laugh was effectively gone, damn werewolf.

You should stay in the manor tonight, grab some stuff and we can go check on Delilah before heading back.”

I don’t need to stay in the manor.”

Yea you do, the way it’s raining I’d probably come down here tomorrow and find you’d drowned.”

Fine.” Kris grouched, shooting Damian a rather annoyed look. “I’ll get some stuff and follow you down to Delilah’s.”

Damian trudged down the Delilah’s cottage aware that hers would probably be worse off than Kris’s as he’d spent a lot of time maintaining the cottage since he’d had it, where as Delilah had trouble plugging stuff in without frying the electrics. Sure enough Damian had barely banged on the door when Delilah opened it looking both miserable and wet.

What happened.”

A large part of my roof fell down, thankfully my spells relocated all my stuff but I got soaked in the process of trying to stop the rain coming in.”

Collect up some of your stuff and come up to the manor, I’ve already convinced Kris to come up.”

What part of relocated all my stuff didn’t you get. I mean everything, including my coat and umbrella.”

Damian moved so his umbrella covered both of them and they headed up the path slowly. They met Kris halfway between the two cottages and Delilah started giggling at the sight of him. Kris glared looking at her pointedly but she kept laughing all the way up to the manor.

You two better go and get dry, Delilah you can try Lucy’s old room for clothes but I can’t promise anything.” Damian said as he shut the door.

All right, put the kettle on will you?” Delilah asked as she headed up the stairs.

Yea I second that idea.” Kris said as he followed her up.

Fine one tea, one coffee and I better see if Kaeleb and Balthazar want anything.”

Damian headed back to the library but they weren’t in there, Charlie however was the ghost spent most of his time in there, well here or the basement but that wasn’t really an option at that moment.

They’re in the kitchen making tea’s and coffee’s they were under the impression you’d need them. They seem to be getting along well.”

Thanks Charlie.” Damian said as he headed out the library and towards the kitchen.

Sure enough both angels were in there busy making a pot of coffee and a pot of tea. Charlie was right they did seem to be getting along, not that there was much change but Kaeleb wasn’t nearly as stiff as he’d been earlier and Balthazar seemed to have relaxed as well.

We decided you’d need warming up when you got back in.” Kaeleb said when he spotted Damian.

Definitely, the others are both soaked so I sent them to get changed they’ll appreciate not having to wait for me to do it.”

That and your tea making skills leave a lot to be desired for.” Kaeleb replied.

Hey! I can make tea, no problem. It’s just sometimes I forget I’m making it is all.”

Kaeleb chuckled returning to the pot of tea he was working on while out of the corner of his eye Damian saw Balthazar grinning like he was trying hard not to laugh. The pots of drink and the cups had barely been laid on the table when Kris came in towelling off his hair, closely followed by Delilah who was wearing almost normal clothes.

I smell tea.” Delilah said excitedly, pouring herself a cup and dossing it with much more than the recommended level of sugar making Kris cringe as he poured himself a coffee.

Coffee’s delicious.”

Balthazar made it.” Kaeleb stated as he poured two cups and handed one to the aforementioned angel.

Thanks Balthazar.” Kris said and Balthazar smiled.

Damian poured himself a cup of tea and had barely taken his first sip when someone started pounding on the front door. Groaning he set the cup back on the table and headed through the halls. Whoever was knocking had absolutely no patience the continuing until he opened the door no matter how many times he called out. Opening the door was more than a little shocking, standing outside was a drenched and panicked looking demon.


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