The Ward Estate Chapter 4

Hey everyone, Mastermind here as you can see I’m back. The long absence was due to the fact that I’m an idiot and lost the password to my account while being too lazy to change it. Anyway back to writing here’s another instalment of The Ward Estate it’s a bit smaller than most of the other chapters, at least that’s how it looks anyway, so I’ll post another chapter later today.


Balthazar jerked awake rather suddenly, memories of fire and pain fading into the back of his mind. It took him a moment to realise he wasn’t outside, or in fact in heaven. He was lying on his front on a bed with his wings tucked behind him and surprisingly painless, the rest of his body was also pain-free which puzzled him greatly. He carefully rolled onto his side and glanced around the room, eyes coming to rest on the black cat sat on the table.

Ah, not dead after all, Damian will be pleased.” It said jumping off the table and heading towards the door. “I suggest you wait here while I try and wake him up, although I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you he’s barely been asleep three hours.”

Balthazar stared at the retreating cat before moving to sit up carefully. He wondered who Damian was or what he was, he wasn’t actually sure where he’d landed. The muscles in his back were stiff so he stretched which also caused his wings to spread and hit the walls. Sighing he concentrated on his wings and soon they had completely disappeared. He led back on the bed and closed his eyes listening to the soft sounds of the old and apparently rather empty house. A little while later the cat came back into the room.

I suggest you follow me, Damian is dead to the world but you can stay in his room until he wakes.”

Balthazar rolled off the bed and followed the cat curiously. The house was lovely filled with knick knacks and photos giving off an impression of warmth and happiness. The cat led him all the way upstairs and stopped in front of an open door.

Here we are do try and let him sleep for as long as possible. He gets cranky when sleep deprived.”

Balthazar nodded and the cat turned around and started back down the stairs.

What’s your name?” Balthazar called down to him.

I have many names, around here I’m known as Onyx.”

Are you a familiar?”


Damian’s?” Onyx grinned showing sharp fangs.

Hardly, as much as I like the boy I don’t think I could stand being stuck with him.”

But you live here?”

Yes, as did many other supernatural beings, including several other sorcerers. Damian is the only one still here though, all the others are enjoying freedom while it  lasts.” Balthazar nodded thoughtfully and Onyx turned away. If that is all I shall go and take a nap.” He said heading down the stair without waiting for a reply.

Balthazar entered the bedroom and took a look around. The light was off and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The room itself was rather cluttered filled with books, toys, photos and other miscellaneous knick-knacks such as wood carvings and stone figurines. The furniture was all fairly old and was composed of: A wardrobe, chest of draws, desk, book case, bed, coffee table, a few armchairs, some shelving units and several large chests. The boy, Damian he reminded himself, was curled up on the bed under a large duvet his head barely sticking out. He didn’t look very old, mid teens most likely, although Balthazar knew that to be living here alone made him much older than he looked. Probably an immortal wizard of some type. Balthazar spent a few hours sat watching the boy, before getting up to flick through the books before finding a play by Shakespeare that he decided on reading. About ten hours after he’d first woken up, the boy began to stir. He seemed vaguely disorientated for a moment, probably because he’d been asleep for so long, but after a moment bright blue eyes focused on him and an odd look flashed across the boys face.

How long have you been awake?” He asked muffling a yawn.

About 10 hours.” Balthazar replied closing the book he’d been reading and taking in the small wince the boy gave the knowledge. “It’s fine you obviously needed the rest.”

Thanks, uh what’s your name?”


I’m Damian, I’m assuming you’ve met Onyx.”

Balthazar nodded his agreement but before he or Damian could say anything else Onyx walked in.

Ah good you’re awake, Kris is at the door. Probably to check you’re alive.”

Damian groaned screwing his eyes shut before glancing at Balthazar looking him up and down after a moments thought he said.

You’re going to need some new clothes, my brother Michael left most of his here and you’re about the same size as him so they should do. Onyx will show you his room while I go let Kris in.”

Balthazar nodded and followed Onyx out of the room and down the hallway the room they stopped outside was just down from Damian’s. Onyx stopped outside the room eyeing it cautiously as Balthazar went in.

I’d watch out if I were you. Michael did a lot of projects in his room, I’m not entirely sure what he did with them when he left.”

Thank you for the warning.” Balthazar said inclining his head.

It didn’t take him long to find Michael’s clothes and he found nothing note worthy while looking, although the room looked like somebody had left in a hurry. Damian had been right the clothes were his size and he settled on black jeans, a white shirt and a pair of black trainers which although slightly too big for him were better than the ones he’d been wearing. He did wonder what Onyx had meant by ‘checking to see Damian was alive’, but he assumed that who ever it was just didn’t trust angels. It wasn’t uncommon especially among magic users, what was uncommon was a wizard risking his life for an unknown angel. And Damian had been risking his life, even if he didn’t realise it. If Elyon had found him helping he didn’t want to think about what would have happened. Another thought that occurred to him as he got changed was how in God’s name Elyon hadn’t found him, the area he’d hit had to have been fairly noticeable and he would have shattered any barriers around the property when he crashed. He resolved to ask Damian about it and headed down stairs in search of him.


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