The Ward Estate chapter 3

Hey everyone here’s another chapter of The Ward Estate, I’m getting back into this verse so I’m thinking of continuing it which will mean more chapters if anyone’s interested. On another note if you like any of my works please feel free to comment or you can even send me an email now the address is on the presentation page.


The manor had it’s own infirmary, which was where Damian had sent the angel. It was a fairly large room which consisted of a bed, a table and chairs, several shelves filled with potions and medical supplies. Onyx was sat on the table, his tail flicking back and forth lazily as he watched the angel who was face down on the bed wings spread across the room. Onyx turned to Damian, head tilted to one side.

I suggest you heal his wings before you drop dead, you look like a walking corpse.”

Damian glared at the cat, gritting his teeth at the condescending tone his voice had taken.

Go to hell Onyx.”

Been there, done that. Rather boring actually.”

Damian groaned turning away from the cat who appeared to be smirking, and focusing his attention on the still completely out of it angel.

He moved at all since I sent him here?”

No, maybe he’s dead.”

He’s still breathing.”

Fine, maybe he slipped into a coma.”

Damian shot the familiar a quick glare, before running a hand along the injured wing, which jumped and shuddered.

Healing a wing bone is the same as healing a normal bone, right?”

Exactly the same, however an angel’s wing is a lot more sensitive than any part of the human anatomy. I suggest using great care or you may end up being thrown across the room.”

Damian nodded, carefully taking hold of the wing either side of the break. To fix the wing he first had to align the bone, then use magic to heal the break. Fairly simple to do to a human, especially when dosed up on pain killers but they didn’t usually send him flying across the room, which if his luck held out was bound to happen. The moment he’d gotten a good hold of the wing it started to tremble, Damian swallowed and in one quick movement had the wing aligned and the bone healing. The downside to the quick movement was the fact that he hadn’t been prepared for the wing to jerk violently and as Onyx had predicted send him flying across the room to bang into the hard stone wall. Onyx jumped off the table and padded over with an air or utter disinterest and boredom.

Well I did warn you.”

Bite me.”

Gladly.” The familiar replied, flashing his fangs as he smirked.

Damian groaned, letting his head fall back against the wall with a rather painful thud. He was tempted to stay there, as uncomfortable as it was he was exhausted and he’d slept in worse place’s. Before he could go through with the idea Onyx jumped on his chest digging his claws in painfully.

Ow, what the hell was that for.”

Well for starters if you fall asleep there you will regret it when you wake and secondly you still have an injured angel to tend to.”

Damian shoved the familiar off of him and struggled to his feet wearily, he made his way back to the angel who’s now unbroken wings had folded against his back.

I wasn’t going to go to sleep.” Damian grumbled petulantly as he sat on the other side of the bed.

Of course not, my sincere apology’s.” Onyx replied inclining his head lightly.

Damian grumbled under his breath about the annoying familiar while he ran his hand across the angels shoulders and arms, healing cuts and bruises as he went. The angel’s back was fine, most of the damage having been done to his wings, so Damian rolled him over mindful of his wings. His front was in a much worse state and Damian removed what was left of his shirt before healing his chest and face. By the time Damian was finished he was exhausted, he gently laid the angel back on the bed and stood up swaying unsteadily. He knew he should wait up to make sure the angel woke up fine but he really didn’t think he could manage staying awake any longer. He turned to the familiar and motioned to the angel.

Onyx could you…”

Of course I’ll watch him, you need to lay down before you fall down.”

Damian snorted before heading out of the room. The stairs were rather daunting and he cursed the fact he’d chosen to keep his old room instead of moving closer to the ground floor. He finally made it up there, having used the wall for support the whole way and fell into bed, without taking any of his clothes off. He rolled over and groaned realising the curtains were open and that sunlight would be pouring through very soon, he considered using magic to close them but that required energy, something he didn’t have at that moment so he carefully rolled out of bed again and shut the curtains before stripping out of all clothes save his t-shirt. He crawled into bed and under the covers making himself as comfy as possible and trying to fall asleep but as exhausted as he was he just couldn’t switch his brain off. He couldn’t work out what had gone on that night and frankly he dreaded finding out. He’d have to call Kaeleb in the morning, afternoon… whenever he woke up anyway. He fell asleep, brain still making up weird scenarios of the nights events and flashing back to the half naked angel currently unconscious down stairs.


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