Meetings and Murders.

Hey everyone Mastermind here with another prompt fill. This one is a lot shorter than most of my stuff but I don’t think it’s too bad but you can judge for yourself.


Meetings and Murders


Alice groaned as she tipped her head back to stare at the ceiling, she couldn’t take much more of this. It was the first time her brother and the Grigori had been in town for over a year and yet she was stuck in yet another unending council meeting, Adam had a lot to answer for. Someone cleared their throat and she straightened with a half-apologetic smile as she returned her attention to the wizard currently speaking, it wasn’t that what he was saying wasn’t interesting it was just he’d been talking for over an hour and she was bored. The meeting had started four hours ago and she doubted it was going to finish anytime soon. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out carefully keeping it under the table so as not to get into to much trouble as she read the text from Adrian.

How’s the meeting?”

She smiled slightly as she began to type out a reply her brother was fully aware that Alice would rather be anywhere but there. Adrian had always been better at the politics involved in council dealings than her.

I want to stab everyone.”

She turned her attention back to the meeting before anyone could notice. She could imagine Adrian’s reaction to that text, he’d find it funny no matter how true it was. Bianca De Claire interrupted the man talking again to contradict him, she was wrong but Alice had promised Adam she’d be nice to her today so she ignored it for the time being in the hopes someone else would pick up on it.

Don’t get blood on your dress. We have dinner reservations at seven.”

Alice snickered which drew reprimanding looks from several people at the table including Adam and she looked down as if chastised, she wasn’t but they didn’t need to know that.

Something funny Miss Ward?” Bianca asked with a raised brow and Alice bit her lip, she’d been paying enough attention to the conversation to know that she’d snickered in the middle of Bianca’s contradiction so she mental shrugged.

Just the fact that he was right and you’re wrong,” Alice replied pleasantly, a smile spreading on her face as she saw Adam roll his eyes out of the corner of her vision. Several of the others present snickered and Bianca turned an interesting colour as she let her breath out through her teeth.

Thank you Miss Ward.” The wizard said with a nod in her direction before he begun speaking again. Alice glanced back at her phone and text her brother back.

Love you for enabling me.”

Adam lent towards her and she turned her phone over so he couldn’t see the messages he’d know she was joking about the stabbing, more or less, but she doubted he’d see the funny side.

That wasn’t why you were snickering was it?” The wizard asked quietly question partially rhetorical, he knew she’d only been half paying attention.

No, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.” She admitted with a pleased smile, she loved annoying Bianca especially when the other couldn’t do anything about it. Adam shook his head and returned his attention to the meeting and Alice glanced back at her phone to find that Adrian had replied.

Love you too.”

Grinning she slipped her phone back into her pocket and returned her full attention to the meeting, ignoring the glares a couple of people sent her way.


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