Hey everyone Mastermind here this prompt uses characters from a novel I’m trying to write, the prompt reminded me of the relationship between two of the characters and it just sort of happened. I managed to write it in under an hour which is the quickest I’ve ever done a prompt before so kudos to me.




Alice detested politics with a passion she rarely displayed for anything outside of her work as a witch. Although technically this was to do with being a witch, then again it was also to do with being a nephilim and they were two things she preferred to keep separate. She was lent against the wall in the council’s main conference room watching the…debate currently unfolding at the table. She wasn’t the only person standing, for that matter she didn’t even think there were enough chairs for everyone, members of all parties had slowly been distancing themselves from the table since the meeting had started. Adam looked about ready to pull his hair out, while Simiel had a look on his face that Alice had long come to associate with the final straw. She was pretty sure they were both on the same side, and that she was on their side, but she hadn’t exactly been paying close attention. They were there because The Fallen had begun attacking magic users in an attempt to get them to leave the area, which would make it easier for The Fallen to establish themselves without too much opposition. In what could only be retaliation a fair number had of angels had been attacked, which Alice would applaud if they were attacking members of The Fallen, but they weren’t and that was the problem. These attacks had led to some, all though not nearly enough, of the angels attacked to defend themselves. Simiel seemed to have suggested that some of the sorcerers had been looking for trouble in the most recent problem, specifically the De Claire boys because their parents weren’t taking it well.

This is absolutely ridiculous!” Bianca De Claire snapped furiously as Alice made her way back over to the table to sit next to Simiel. “They were provoked!”

There were witnesses.” Adam pointed out as he rubbed his brow. “Lot’s of them.”

Biased.” Marcus De Claire muttered causing Simiel to roll his eyes.

Your children, especially the boys, do tend towards violence.” A witch Alice didn’t know remarked which caused another round of arguing.

Maybe.” Bianca finally conceded. “But they don’t lie.”

Alice managed to stifle her noise of disbelief, just about anyway, but most of the others didn’t even try.

You’ll excuse our disbelief,” Simiel said carefully before all hell could break loose again. “But your family has had trouble with the truth in the past.” Alice very nearly groaned, she was pretty sure Adam actually did dropping his head into his hands in defeat.

I have NEVER been so insulted.” Bianca practically yelled which drew a snort out of Alice.

You don’t listen much do you.” She remarked against her better judgement, though nobody reprimanded her so she didn’t feel too bad about it. For her part Bianca De Claire went an odd red colour, giving Alice a look that could have melted stone but Alice didn’t bat an eyelid, just smiled pleasantly.

You are a brat.” She spat at the nephilim who just kept smiling.

I know, I work very hard at it.’ Alice assured her, pulling chuckles out of those who knew her. “Stating the obvious is a very unflattering trait.” So she wasn’t very good at being politically correct, everyone there knew that they shouldn’t have invited her if they wanted her to behave.

We are getting nowhere,” Adam complained glancing at Simiel who nodded his head in agreement.

The violence needs to stop.” The archangel stated firmly. “The Fallen’s actions in no way reflect on the other angels, fallen or otherwise, but not all angels are going to be as passive as the ones attacked so far.”

You’d be much better off focusing your COLLECTIVE energies on counter operations against The Fallen,” Alice interjected and most of the people present seemed to take that to heart because discussions on exactly how to do that began with limited arguments, though Bianca was still glaring at Alice.

You shouldn’t antagonise her so,” Simiel muttered to the nephilim as he lent back. He was aware that Alice and Bianca were frequently at each other’s throats but he’d rather like it if his ward could practice some self-restraint.

Please everyone’s always calling her a bitch, or worse,” Alice replied with a half smirk, not taking her eyes off of Bianca. “Not to mention calling into question her parenting skills. If that’s the most insulted she’s ever been she’s an idiot.”

And about to curse you,” Simiel remarked mostly to himself, she was a big girl and more than capable of looking after herself.

She’s not that stupid.” Simiel shrugged and returned to the discussion currently unfolding around the table. Alice couldn’t think of anything she could add to the conversation so she lent back, keeping a half-hearted ear on what was being said as she let herself relax. She’d almost fallen asleep, which would not have been seen as a friendly move when she felt the metal bracelet around her right wrist begin to heat up. “Huh, apparently she is that stupid.” Alice mused as she sat up properly. Simiel shot her a sideways glance, warning clear in his eyes as she smiled sweetly, it wasn’t like she was going to do anything. It was only about a minute longer before there was an annoyingly bright flash of light followed by a loud sound, not unlike thunder. Everyone but Alice flinched and Bianca let out a pained noise as she fell off her chair.

Alice what did you do to her?” Simiel hissed as several people rushed over to check on her.

Nothing she cursed herself.” Alice defended as she raised her right arm, shaking her wrist so the protection bracelet was clearly visible, she’d been cursed enough times to know to always have some sort of insurance. It was nice to know this one worked. She got up and slipped her bag onto her shoulder as she headed off. “I think she’s coming round, tell me how it turns out.


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