The Ward Estate Chapter 2

Hello everyone here’s the second chapter of The Ward Estate it took a bit longer than I thought to update because I’m a scatterbrain but I got round to it eventually.


Outside it was freezing and Damian was thankful for having grabbed his jacket as he trudged through the grounds down to where the ball of light should have landed. If he was lucky some angel just had really bad aim and really powerful spells, if he was unlucky which he generally was an angel had just crashed landed somewhere in his forest shattering all of his magic barriers, not just the ones designed to keep evil out. The forest was huge it would take him hours to properly search it, and dense the tree’s growing so close together that the light from the half moon didn’t penetrate the canopy. After walking into two trees Damian stopped and growled under his breath in Latin. Almost immediately the head of his staff started to glow brightly, giving him enough light to see by and he continued his way deeper into the forest. Damian stuck to one of the old trails which led to the other side of the forest closer to where the light had been heading, it wouldn’t have been able to travel far after hitting the barrier. As Damian finally neared the other side of the forest he saw what looked like flames some way off to the right. Sighing he headed over, with any luck all he’d find was fire and he could put it out, put up some temporary barriers and go back to bed. And if he was unlucky? Well he’d find an angel, probably have to deal with another five when they came looking for their friend, put up temporary barriers and go back to bed. It was nice having flexible plans. The fire was burning in a perfect circle and did not appear to be harming the trees around it, although several tree’s had lost branches, probably when the angel currently laying in the circle of fire crashed through them. Damian pointed his staff at the fire quickly putting it out, before climbing over the broken branches to get to the angel. Said angel was laying on his front, wings spread wide, the left one contorted in an obviously painful fashion and both covered in open wounds. Careful of his wings Damian moved him onto his side to get a better look at him careful to take most of his weight: What was left of his shirt hung off him in rags, his chest and face were littered with bruises and cuts all fresh. His skin was quite pale and he had jet black hair, he looked about seventeen, 5’9, 5’10 quite well built and heavy. Damian carefully placed him back on his front and scanned the airier that had previously been on fire, about a meter away lay a silver sword, shining dully in the light from his staff. It was kind of strange that it wasn’t in its sheath but Damian had a good idea why it was out and why this was the only angel to fall within his boundaries where as the other’s had all fallen together.

Somehow I doubt the other five are your friends.” Damian said to the unconscious angel as he picked up the sword and replaced it in the sheathe at the angel’s waist.

Damian knelt down next to the angels twisted wing to get a better look, it appeared to be broken which was something he could probably fix fairly easily if he took the angel back to the manor but that he couldn’t deal with here. Before he could decide on the best way to get the angel back to the manor he heard the distinct sound of people making there way through the forest, although they were still some way off. Sighing Damian placed his hand on the back of the angels head and with a single thought sent him to the manor. With any luck Onyx would notice and keep an eye on him until he’d dealt with whoever had come looking. He moved back to the path and leant back against one of the tree’s, extinguishing his staff, if he was lucky he’d been wrong and the other angel’s were the angel he’d found friends. And if he was really lucky the sounds he’d heard were made by forest animals. Yea right and pigs flew. Sure enough within moment Damian could vaguely see five figures looking round where the other angel had landed, they soon spotted the path and made their way towards it and coincidentally him. When they were close enough for Damian to observe them properly he spoke up.

Can I help you with something, this is a private forest but I assume you’re lost and not deliberately trespassing?”

One of the angels, a young male who was at least a head taller than the others and obviously the leader snorted.

We go where we like wizard and no one can tell us differently.”

That’s odd I was under the impression I just did.”

The angel just glared at him and Damian smirked, being smart with angels wasn’t recommended if you wanted to live a long life but it did make for an interesting one. The other four angels, who were standing two on each side of their leader were watching him and awaiting orders. Which was another thing Damian hated about angels how obedient they were, always doing exactly what their superior told them to do without question, it got on his nerves. The lead angel was still staring at him and Damian was starting to get annoyed, before he could say anything the angel spoke again.

The angel who fell here, hand him over and we will leave.”

Sorry the only angels I’ve seen tonight are you lot.”

Another thing that wasn’t a good idea if you wanted to live a long and happy life was lying to angels. Oh well, Damian had had enough of long and happy anyway.

You lie.” One of the other angels hissed.

Damian just shrugged.

If you say so, doesn’t bother me what you think.”

The leader moved forward until he was right in Damian’s personnel space.

We have seen where he landed, the only reason we could enter the forest was because the protection barriers have been broken. You have him somewhere and we want him now hand him over before we are forced to use force.”

Before Damian could say something stupid like ”go on then” somebody cleared their throat from a little way up the path.

Is there a problem here?”

Kris the friendly werewolf moved into the light from Damian’s staff. He was caring his own staff and glaring at the angels, specifically the one right in front of Damian. The angel stepped away from Damian and turned to Kris. Kris was about 6’5 with shoulder length shaggy brown hair, and brown eyes. He was also built like a tank and was currently only wearing a pair of jeans and a jacket so it was quite noticeable. Kris had been a normal wizard who lived in the manor until he’d been bitten while protecting a group of children, after a couple of years getting used to the changes he’d asked if he could move into one of the cottages, which everyone had immediately agreed to. Damian moved to stand with him, facing the angel’s.

I think they were just leaving.”

Without another word the five angels were gone, Damian lent on his staff looking up at Kris.

What brought you out here?”

Delilah saw the angels, felt the barriers break, saw you leave the house and then not come back. She was going to come out here herself and I told her I’d come.”

As sweet as that is I’m glad she didn’t, I don’t think it would have had quite the same affect as you turning up.”

Kris smirked, motioning with his staff to where the angel’s had been.

What was all that about?”

Another angel crash landed in the forest, I sent him to the manor before that lot arrived, the state he was in there was no way they were his friends.”

And if they were.”

Well he’s free to leave as soon as he regains consciousness.”

Kris pulled a face, somewhere between disgust, annoyance and resignation. Kris didn’t much like angels, unless they were fallen he got on well with fallen angels but that was probably because they thought for them selves. Well most of the time anyway.

We need to fix the barriers, for all we know they went back to get reinforcements.”

Damian winced and followed Kris who was making his way down to the property edge. It would be just his luck to have the angels come back with more angels. The barriers were relatively easy to put back up with the two of them at it, Kris even put some new one’s up, just in case the angels did try to come back. After they finished Kris insisted they go and see Delilah before Damian went back to the manor. Delilah was a fairy, now what ever you thought you knew about fairies was probably wrong. Now while fairies could be ten centimetres tall with butterfly wings and magic, the ones that chose to live among humans looked and acted just like humans… well almost. Take Delilah for instance, no sooner had they walked up the path to her cottage than the door opened and she lunged at them pulling the two boys into huge hugs.

Delilah get off you’re crushing our ribs.” Damian hissed out. Another problem with fairies was how bloody strong they were in human form.

Sorry, sorry.” The girl giggled pulling away. “But other than crushed ribs you’re all right, right?”

Yeah we’re all right.” Kris said taking a few steps away from her. Delilah had this annoying habit of forgetting how easily she could hurt them.

Delilah was about 5’6 and very slim, she had purple eyes which was a characteristic of being a fairy, oddly coloured eyes. The bubble gum pink shoulder length curly hair was a characteristic of Delilah weird hair colours, last year it had been green. She also had a taste for violently over coloured clothes, like now she was wearing what looked like a ball gown, a florescent green and yellow ball gown. Damian smiled he’d long got used to his friends eccentricity’s but this seemed a bit much at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Going somewhere nice Delilah.”

I just got back when I saw the angels, I had a lot of fun. Do you like my dress Damian?”

Well it’s certainly… different.”

Kris snickered, it was a well known fact that Delilah had a crush on Damian, something he was teased for constantly. It took almost twenty minutes to escape, he only managed it because Kris had pointed out how tiered he looked and Delilah had insisted he go back to bed, something he was really looking forward to. He got into the manor and had only just shut the door when Charlie, the resident ghost appeared in front of him.

Onyx is with your house guest who is still unconscious, may I suggest you heal his wings before he wakes up.”

Damian slumped back against the door and groaned, sometimes his life was just so unfair.


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