Of lockpicks and ex-boyfriends.

Hey Mastermind here, and look an actually filled writing prompt it’s been an age. I finished this about a month or two ago but was going to add a second part so didn’t upload it, there may still be a second part if I ever get my ass in gear. This is sort of in the immortals verse but I’m not too good with continuity so it’s those characters with a vaguely different setting and mildly edited backgrounds, I believe.

Feel free to tell me what you think.


Of lockpicks and exboyfriends


Jay was broke again. It was happening more frequently than he was willing to admit. In the three years since he’s gone straight and moved back to London, he’d gone through seven jobs and turned down MI5 and MI6 more times than he could count. Which he’d realized some time ago probably had something to do with why he couldn’t hold down a normal job. He’d kill whoever had told them he’d ‘retired’ if he ever found out who it was and he’d do it slowly and painfully. So he’d begun taking odd jobs, nothing particularly spectacular and nothing that would draw any attention to him, mostly stuff for PI’s and the like who didn’t want to get their hands dirty. Which was how he found himself on a Saturday night kneeling in a dusty corridor attempting to break into an office which supposedly held a safe containing blackmail material. With any luck, the pay off from this job would pay his rent. He was almost done with what had turned out to be a rather complicated lock for a door that could be kicked in with minimum effort, when he realized someone had sneaked up behind him.

I taught you how to pick locks, and this is how you’re using that skill?” A male voice chuckled and Jay clenched his fist, willing down the anger that was already beginning to boil up inside him.

What’s it to you!” He snapped and he was fully aware that he should probably be keeping his voice down but the building was empty and he couldn’t be bothered.

The door clicked open before the other could answer and he sighed, with no more reason not to look at him he forced himself and turn around. Elijah was lent against the wall across from him, jet black hair lightly covering one blue eye and a smile that was dangerously close to a smirk softening his features. It had been two and a half years since he’d last seen Elijah, and the last time he’d seen him he’d threatened to shoot him if he didn’t leave him alone. Despite knowing Jay wouldn’t go through with the threat the older immortal had left him alone up until now. So why the hell couldn’t he keep it up.

Your brother is worried about you.” Elijah shrugged his leather jacket riding up to reveal his gun, or at least one of them, as he did. “He’s otherwise occupied so he asked me to check up on you.”

Jay snorted Michael was always otherwise occupied, though that had been a blessing more than a curse in recent years as his brother would have had quite a bit to say about his life choices.

Why you.” He spat and Elijah seemed mildly taken back by the amount of venom in his voice. “He doesn’t even like you.”

The older immortal made a small noise of agreement as he looked Jay up and down. The reason Michael had blackmailed him into checking up on Jay was that he blamed him for the state his little brother was in, and it wasn’t completely unjustified either. Not that he’d tell Jay that. Jay had left the immortals, and at the same time him because compromise was not something Elijah was good at. Jay had already been planning on leaving the immortals, possibly to freelance, but after one confrontation too many he’d just cut off all contact. Elijah had tried to patch things up but Jay had made it perfectly clear he wanted nothing to do with him.

I assume everyone else was busy.” He replied with another shrug.

Well you can tell him I’m fine and the next time he wants to know he can call like a regular person.”

Please Alice has her life together better than you and she’s working for MI6” Elijah snorted dismissively. “I’ve been following you for over a week, you’re barely keeping your head above the water.” Jay frowned he hadn’t noticed he was being followed, though truth be told he’d had a rough week so it wasn’t all that surprising, still the thought of Elijah tailing him all week was mildly off-putting. “You should ask your brother for some help.” The other immortal continued as he pushed himself off the wall. “Or accept one of the job offers.”

Of course, Elijah would know about those, he wondered if he’d told or would tell Michael because that would go down brilliantly and he wasn’t ready for that conversation. Elijah moved towards him and Jay tensed, perfectly willing to punch him if he thought he had to.

Back.” He growled but Elijah just rolled his eyes, shaking his head lightly as he frowned.

You can’t take me at the moment Jay I saw the beating you took last night.” Jay felt himself flush, of course, he had because his life never failed to find ways of making a bad situation worse and embarrass him in the process. He raised his chin defiantly, he may not be able to take Elijah but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try given half the chance. “What was last night about?”

Hell if I know,” Jay muttered and he sounded almost petulant which drew a smile from the other man. “It’s not like I do anything to make enemies anymore.” Come to think of it maybe it had something to do with Michael after all his brother had absolutely no way of knowing he was worse off than he was two months ago when he’d last called and it would explain why he’d sent Elijah out.

If I offer my help are you going to try and punch me.” The older immortal sighed eyeing Jay’s fists wearily. He didn’t want to hurt him which was what would happen if they traded blows.

No I won’t try I’ll actually do it.”

Elijah rolled his eyes but stepped back and watched as Jay relaxed slightly. With a small shake of his head, he reached into his inside pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, ignoring the glare he received as he held it out.

It’s from Michael.” He placated which was vaguely the truth, some of it was from Michael but the rest was from Elijah though that was sure to get him a fist to the face. “You can actually buy yourself some decent food.” Jay’s glare didn’t particularly soften but he accepted the cash, shoving it in his pocket before glancing pointedly at the stairs. “I’m going, I’m going,” Elijah assured him as he turned and Jay only just had the time to see the smirk on his face. “I left the pictures you were after on the desk for you.” Elijah was gone before Jay could complain.


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