The Ward Estate Chapter 1

Mastermind here this is the first chapter of the novel I mentioned in my last post. Feel free to leave me thoughts, comments, and criticism.


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The Ward Estate.

Hey everyone Mastermind here, I’ve been slacking on my creative writing recently because along with school work which is taking up a lot of my time I also have a novel in the works. To counteract this I’ve decided to post another novel I was working on that sort of came to a standstill some time ago so it may suddenly stop without much of a warning, though I have started working on it again so there might be more. I may end up posting some character presentations for the main characters soon but I’m not sure yet.

Of lockpicks and ex-boyfriends.

Hey Mastermind here, and look an actually filled writing prompt it’s been an age. I finished this about a month or two ago but was going to add a second part so didn’t upload it, there may still be a second part if I ever get my ass in gear. This is sort of in the immortals verse but I’m not too good with continuity so it’s those characters with a vaguely different setting and mildly edited backgrounds, I believe.

Feel free to tell me what you think.


Of lockpicks and exboyfriends


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One month on.

Hey Mastermind here it’s been almost a month since my last post and surprise surprise I’ve posted nothing of interest. This may not change until July as I have exams coming up but I’m going to try a little harder this time.