Thieves with(out) taste.

Alright Michael here, this is one of the first prompts Mastermind did it just sort of got lost. Anyway, I’m not in it, as a matter of fact, none of her regular characters are, but as it’s sort of in my domain I was elected not introduce it. Have fun reading it.


Thieves with(out) taste


It was a pretty simple job. The house was easy to break into. The owner convinced his reputation would deter any would-be burglars, had a basic security system that Nea could have easily hacked. As it was the gentleman had unwittingly given them the code when he’d invited Liz back to his place while his wife was out of town the week before. There was nobody home, the couple enjoying an evening at one of the cities black-tie charity events, and they’d left the dog in the back garden. The safe was ‘hidden’ in the master bedroom behind a truly terrible watercolour facing the bed.

Oh my gosh that would look so cute on you.” Liz gushed as she headed over to where the wife had left some clothes on one of the dressers.

I’m trying to crack a safe be quite.” Nea snapped as she twisted the dial, still unsure as to why she’d brought her girlfriend with her in the first place.

But it’s pink which is precisely your colour.” She continued regardless of the others words.

Nea practically growled as she turned to look at the other woman, who was smirking at her playfully, the ‘cute’ item of clothing in question seemed to be some sort of very frilly negligee type thing.

If you don’t shut up I’m never bringing you on a job again.” She warned as she turned back to the safe. Her warning seemed to have done some good because Liz was silent until the safe was opened.

Took you long enough.” She beamed as she practically skipped over to help her empty the safe. Nea watched her suspiciously, she was way too happy for someone who’d just been told off not five minutes previously. “What?”

Why do I put up with you?” The older woman groaned as she checked her watch, there was still another safe in the wife’s dressing room where she apparently kept her jewellery.

Because I’m hot and great in bed?” Liz suggested as she swung the nearly full bag pack onto her back. “Should we go raid the ladies valuables now?” Rolling her eyes Nea followed quickly after her as she jogged to the other room. She was probably halfway done with the other safe when. “This is precisely you as well.”

Pausing she turned to find Liz holding up a pink lace lingerie set, smirk firmly in place again.

I don’t know what’s gotten into you but all the money we’re going to make from this job couldn’t get me into either of those things. I don’t even like pink.”

Liz huffed but didn’t say anything as they finished up, emptying the safe and making it back to the car just as the owners pulled into their drive. Exhausted Nea didn’t even bother going through the bag of stuff when they get home, she’d seen what was in the safes anyway, just jumped in the shower before heading to bed. At about lunchtime, she was woken up by a text from her cousin, who’s boyfriend just happened to work for the people she’d robbed last night.

‘Hope you had fun last night, you made the news have a look.’

She grabbed blindly at the tv remote on the bedside table before rolling over to be able to see the flat screen tv, whoever said crime didn’t pay obviously hadn’t been very good at it. She flipped to the right channel and sat up in the bed, noticing for the first time Liz’s absence and the smell of bacon coming from downstairs.

“…the thief or thieves got away with the contents of Mr and Mrs Lockston’s safes as well as, for reasons unknown, some items of clothing belonging to Mrs Lockston…”

Liz you ever try and get me into either of those things I’ll shoot you!” Nea yelled down as she turned off the tv and got out of bed.

Spoilsport! Besides if you don’t want to wear them how would I manage to get you in them.” The aforementioned woman called back. Nea snorted they were both well aware that Nea couldn’t handle her liquor and was dead to the world after a heavy night drinking, something Liz had been known to take full advantage of and would undoubtedly do so again. “Besides I’ll make it worth your while.”

That might be interesting, though there was no way she’d let Liz know she was willing to be convinced, she’d have to wait and see.


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