Bloody Idiot.

Hey everyone Alice here. Here’s another writing prompt Mastermind did that I make a brief appearance in. It’s not the one she wanted to post, she’s hit a brick wall there, but it’s still got Michael in. This belongs in The Immortals verse.




Michael wasn’t particularly sure what had made him agree to this, this being a temporary partnership between himself and the immortals. Actually, that wasn’t entirely true, Daniel had made him agree to it but that was beside the point. He listened to Alice and Jay bickering through his earpiece as he followed Elijah through the building, the familiar rhythm of their voices calming his mildly frayed nerves. So far this was not going as planned in any way shape or form and if Daniel and Caleb weren’t having better luck than them they were screwed. They’d made it to the second floor before the arguing stopped, and were halfway across it when Alice spoke up.

Houston you have a problem.” Just as seven armed men came round the corner towards them and Michael’s luck had never been this bad. He wondered how the other two knew considering they didn’t have access to the cameras but all unnecessary thought was quickly discarded.

By the time they made it back to base, Jay’s apartment a nice neutral middle ground, Michael really wanted to kill Elijah. It was no one’s fault that the mission had gone pear-shaped but the eldest Ward sibling didn’t seem to feel that way, and it was pissing him off. When they got in Jay and Alice were already waiting with the first aid kit and alcohol, which Michael grabbed from his brother before heading into the kitchen waving off the kids worry, after all, Caleb and Daniel were in a worse state than him. He sat on the table and took a swig out of the bottle of whiskey, his whiskey he noted, he could really go for a cigarette but Alice would kill him if she caught him smoking in the flat. His arm stung from where he’d been grazed by a bullet and his head hurt from where he’d been pistol-whipped for mouthing off, though it didn’t hurt enough for him to sit through more time with Elijah, even if he did get it in the neck from Jay later. He could hear arguing from the living room, sounded like Daniel and Alice, and was infinitely glad he was out of the way. That was until Elijah came through, probably shooed out by one of the others.

Seriously?” He snapped shooting the other immortal a reproachful look and Michael wasn’t sure whether it was because of the whiskey or the fact he was sat on the table. Either way, it hardly mattered as it wasn’t his place. The assassin’s lips twitched into a smirk as he raised one eyebrow curiously. “You couldn’t use a glass?”

My whiskey.” He replied as he took another swig. “I’d offer you some but I doubt it’ll help your temper.” The glare he got was immensely satisfying considering how unaffected the other man had seemed by all this, despite having argued with him all the way to the flat Elijah had barely even raised his voice.

You’re one to talk.”

What’s that supposed to mean?” And Michael’s tone may have been a little defensive but that hardly warranted the way Elijah smirked at him.

Please, Mickey you could start an argument in an empty room.” He chuckled as he leant back against the counter.

Don’t call me that,” Michael growled as he put the whiskey down. Elijah was Alice’s brother and Alice was Jay’s best friend which gave him some leeway. Not to mention the fact he was dating Daniel and creating waves with his brother probably wouldn’t go down well.

Why ever not Mickey?” Michael glared but didn’t give him the rise he was looking for, it was his fault for starting it anyway. Despite not giving him any more ammunition Elijah’s smirk widened. “Oh now you know how to keep your mouth shut, would have been more useful earlier though.”

Oh so now it’s my fault?” Michael demanded, not bothering to point out that his mouthing off had allowed Daniel and Caleb to come to their aid.

Well, it wasn’t mine.” Elijah countered drawing a snort from the other man.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.” Michael snapped angrily waving a hand to emphasise his point. “Screw-ups happen, we did our best.”

Did we? Because as far as I’m concerned we could have finished the mission if you hadn’t insisted we leave.”

Seriously? Both your brothers were injured, hell we were injured.” Michael argued motioning to Elijah’s bloody shirt sleeve. “Leaving was the smartest option.”

For you maybe we still have to get hold of those documents.” Elijah hissed and Michael opened his mouth to point out that he’d agreed to help get the documents not just break into the building but Elijah continued. “Just because all you care about is getting paid…”

Michael tried to count ten, reminded himself he’d promised Daniel he’d ignore Elijah, promised Jay he wouldn’t kill his boyfriend, why he was doing the job in the first place. He failed miserably and the next second his fist had connected with the other man’s nose. Elijah cursed knocking into the cup rack as he brought his hand up to his now bleeding nose. The curse and sound of cups banging together drew Alice into the room, which was probably the only reason Elijah didn’t immediately retaliate, she frowned.

Why is he bleeding?” She asked as she leant against the door frame and crossed her arms, one eyebrow raised.

Because he’s an idiot.” Michael smiled almost sweetly, ignoring the look Elijah shot him.

I didn’t know that idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose.” She remarked mildly amused, though she wasn’t stupid enough to show it given Elijah’s mood.

I think it’s a new phenomenon.” He offered up which did draw a chuckle from Alice, much to Elijah’s annoyance if the glare he shot her was anything to go off of.

If I leave the two of you alone are you going to hit him in retaliation?” Elijah didn’t even dignify that with an answer and Alice sighed glancing over her shoulder into the living room before back at them. “Go clean up before you get blood on my floor, there’s probably one of your shirts in my dresser,” Elijah grumbled but left the room and Michael smiled, grabbing hold of the whiskey bottle and taking another swig.

Did you really have to hit him?” Daniel asked as he came into the kitchen with Jay, Alice having disappeared, probably back into the living room to watch Caleb who’d sustained the worst injuries on their outing.

He’s an idiot.” He defended as he watched the other two locate cups, sugar, milk, and teabags.

So are you,” Jay remarked offhandedly as he flipped the switch on the kettle before turning to face his brother with a smile. “However I don’t see your nose bleeding.” Michael glared at him but didn’t respond, which his brother took to mean he’d won, he filled a bowl with warm water and left Daniel to finish the tea.

You pissed at me?” He asked the young man leant against the kitchen counter who looked up at him with a frown. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I know he’s hard to get on with but…” Daniel shook his head slightly and Michael smiled as he slipped off the table. “Did you have to hit him?”

Yes.” It hadn’t been necessary but he wasn’t about to tell his boyfriend that, after all, Elijah had deserved it whether it was necessary or not. “With any luck, it knocked some sense into him.” Daniel huffed out a slight laugh and Michael chuckled. “But if it makes you feel better I’ll apologise to him.”

He’ll punch you.” Daniel pointed out as he poured the now boiling water into the cups.

Probably,” Michael said almost cheerfully. “But let’s be honest he’ll find a way to punch me anyway.” Daniel laughed bumping his shoulder against Michael who chuckled and ruffled his hair fondly. He was forgiven, at least until he told Daniel the plan he’d come up with to get the document anyway.


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