What’s in a name?

Hello people Mastermind here. Originally this next post was supposed to be a writing prompt that I’d put in the finished folder but as it turns out I haven’t finished it. So instead you get one of my pet peeves, names. I don’t mean names in general, I don’t care if you have a posh name, a common name, a foreign name, or a local name. No, my problem is choosing character names. I mean it’s not so bad when the thing you’re writing is set in modern times, or even in the future, but as soon as I set something in the past or a fantasy world I hit a solid brick wall. Everyone expects different races (and I mean fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, humans, etc) to have names specific to their race and at least mildly unusual, no one’s going to be to thrilled with an elf prince called Bob are they? Though I digress because elves and all that stuff aren’t my current problem, no my problem involves angels. I write mostly urban fantasy at the moment and my current big project is a novel involving angels and demons and all that sort of stuff. When I  started I thought learning about angels would be easy, after all, I already had a basic understanding of them and they belong to the three major monotheistic religions so there had to be plenty of information on them. What I hadn’t counted on was there being too much information about them, as well as at the same time, not enough. Since they belong to three different religions no one can agree on who is who, what everyone does, and where they are. I’ll give you an example, there are supposedly 7 archangels but there is no definitive answer as to who they are, what they do, and what their position in heaven is. Is Lucifer an archangel? Some say yes, some say no, some say he was but isn’t anymore, I even found one site that contested his theoretical existence. At the same time there is a lack of angel names altogether, which can make it hard if a third of your characters are angels and they all need names. Then there are the demons, because of course they need names as well, but it’s hard to separate fallen angel and demon which makes it hard when you have to name both. It’s gotten to the stage where I’ll use the same name with a different spelling just to widen my options a bit. Still there is a plus side to all this name research. If I ever have kids they’re going to get called something bizarre yet meaningful.


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