The Immortals Verse.

Hey Alice here, Mastermind is having a nervous breakdown about her writing or lack thereof, so I’m in charge of presenting one of the writing verses I belong in. The Immortals are a group of beings who are, you guessed it, immortal. Though they appear in different settings the main one at the moment is a modern day one where immortals are divided into two main families as well as a third smaller family and independents who either have no ties or limited ties with the families. Immortals are only a small amount of the population, there are a few hundred of them, and they were all born before the start of the Roman Empire. The first family is run by Marcus and his partner Jasper they were born in the same city and left it together to establish their own where they took in all immortals they found. I along with my older brothers Elijah, Daniel, Caleb, and Blake, belong to that family. About 70 years after the city’s creation a second family was established by Marcus and his partner Luci, taking a little under half the present immortals with them. Over time members of the families became independent of them and previously unknown immortals joined families. Fast forward to modern day and everything’s in vaguely the same place as it was before only there is now a third much smaller, and more violent, family run by Kyle and his sister Theresa. Marcus runs an organisation known as ‘The Immortals’, though it employs mortals as well, which is an international criminal organisation with enough legitimate business ties to keep up appearances. Max and Kyle’s families are also criminally inclined though it’s not as structured as The Immortals. Not all family members are involved in their families criminal activities, for instance, Jasper and Marcus have split leading to two fractions of the same family. On that note, quite a few independents are into illegal stuff as well so it’s a common trait. Right that’s all for now if anything else comes up someone will undoubtedly post about it and I’ll probably be doing a presentation of myself in this verse soon. Until then, arrivederci!


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