Hello everyone I’m Michael, not to be confused with the archangel though he may be around here somewhere. I’ve been told to present myself because not only was I in the last prompt fill but I’ll probably be in the next one as well. I belong in the Immortals verse most of the time, though I occasionally make forays into other verses if my expertise are required. As for my expertise I’m an odd jobs man of sorts, a lethal odd jobs man. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be telling you so to start off I have a younger brother Jay, who is good friends with Alice, and two older siblings Kyle and Theresa, who we avoid like the plague. Jay and myself are both independents though we recently allied ourselves with Marcus’s family. Uh next up I look to be in my late teens, I’m tall and fairly well built, with short black hair and blue eyes. I like motor bikes, rock music, weapons, football, and Daniel. Yep that seems like everything if you have any questions feel free to ask, if I’m busy I’m sure Jay will answer for me. Bye.


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