Presenting Alice.

Hey internet people I’m Alice, Masterminds longest running character. I pulled seniority so I get to introduce myself first, much to everyone else’s annoyance, and don’t worry if I’m not quite your cup of tea that’s fine others will be along and I don’t really give a damn. I’m also here first because I’m one of the more confusing characters, I’m in many unrelated verses with only minor changes and it can be difficult to keep up with me even for Mastermind. Well anyway I’m a girl (duh) normally immortal because I’m a fantasy chick, teenager more or less, with long blond hair and blue eyes (kind of stereotypical huh?). I’m sarcastic as hell with a dry sense of humour and no self preservation whatever verse I’m in and I don’t date (please there are better things to do than date). So that’s me, Alice, I’ll be around fairly frequently so I’m sure you’ll get to know me eventually. Ciao!


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