(Mastermind here, this is the first writing prompt I ever completed properly. The character Michael is a regular I’m sure he’ll get around to presenting himself eventually.)





The number crackles out of a speaker high in one corner of the corridor and to be honest, Michael is surprised it still works considering it appears to be hanging down from its wires. He’s too busy legging it to what he hopes is a viable exit to think much about it though, he’s not sure what the countdown is but it’s probably not good. He needs to have Heather vet his clients and targets more carefully from now on because this is probably the seventh time something like this has happened to him in under a year.


Seriously though this was supposed to be a perfectly normal government lab, staffed with your basic scientists and mediocre security guards, not trained killers and evil geniuses. Admittedly given how much he was offered for this job he should probably have been at least a little suspicious but if they had that much cash to burn who was he to tell them he’d usually do the job for under half that.


He takes a sharp right and starts up the stairs which should hopefully take him to the ground floor though he’s lost count how many floors he’s come up. Another thing that should have tipped him off that this was going to end badly was how many sub-basements this place had, the stuff he’d been hired to steal was in the fifth one and he hadn’t bothered checking to see if it went further down.


He reaches the top of the stairs only to be greeted by a hail of gunfire that narrowly misses him as he dives through a side door. Shit looks like the guards he knocked out on the way in came to early. Okay, now he needs a new plan because the front doors are most definitely a no go.


Thankfully the gunmen haven’t followed after him, which probably means it’s a dead end or they think whatever happens at the end of the countdown will take care of him, either way, he won’t get shot which is nice. There are no windows which either means he’s still underground or the people that work here have something against sunlight, either way, it narrows down the escape options significantly.


There’s a spiral staircase at the end of the hallway and he heaves a sigh of relief when he spots it, he’s pretty sure the countdown is getting quicker. The room at the top of the staircase has windows which is the good news, the bad news is that it’s on the second floor.


Shit, what’s he supposed to do now? He’s assuming they’ll have evacuated the rest of the building but there is still a high chance they’ll be waiting for him by the doors in case he tries to make it out. He could look for a fire escape but he doesn’t remember seeing any when he arrived and if there is one it’s probably watched as well.


From one of the windows, he can see his motorbike still safely where he left it and not a living soul in sight. He presses his hands against the glass, it doesn’t seem to thick and he’s pretty sure he’s still got some explosives on him.


He ducks behind a desk as the charge goes off, thankfully taking out the window, the noise, however, was loud enough to draw attention so he’s quick to make his way to his new exit. It’s not the highest he’s jumped from before but still if he doesn’t do it right he’s going to hurt himself and he really needs to be in full working condition to get out of the area safely.


He jumps landing perfectly and taking off towards his bike as soon as he’s steady. He can hear shouting from behind him, probably the guards from the door having been alerted by the explosion but he doesn’t slow down to check. He pulls his helmet on and kick starts the bike, ignoring the gunfire that’s still too far away to be a problem as he pulls onto the dirt track that leads back to the main road.



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