What the hell is this thing?

Huh so this is new. Don’t know what’s possessed me to do this I can barely remember to do my homework. Anyway hello this is Mastermind the creator of this blog (aren’t synonyms great I could even have been Architect, maybe I’ll be both.) allow me to introduce myself before my imagination takes over. I’m a 19 year old British girl living and getting an education in France, as such I’m bilingual though I doubt much French will turn up here unless I’m swearing. I’m a loner and as such spend the majority of my time reading, watching television, writing, listening to music, and more recently roleplaying. Though social engagements do sometimes interrupt all this it’s rare. My big dream is to be a novelist, though to be honest I’ll settle for a decent paying job first, and I write continuously (still haven’t finished anything though). Other than a truly poor attempt at a Tumblr blog this is my first time blogging and as with everything I do I honestly don’t care if others like it because I’m doing it for myself first and everyone else second. Now I must inform you that both I and the characters who post on this blog are all blunt, sarcastic, mildly crazy, and otherwise odd, if this is going to be a problem please find an exit quickly. Alright so I’m pretty sure that’s it I doubt I’ll be writing the next post, the children are fighting over who gets to go first, and to be honest I have absolutely no idea what this thing is going to be about but as long as it’s fun I don’t care.


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