Bloody Idiot.

Hey everyone Alice here. Here’s another writing prompt Mastermind did that I make a brief appearance in. It’s not the one she wanted to post, she’s hit a brick wall there, but it’s still got Michael in. This belongs in The Immortals verse.

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What’s in a name?

Hello people Mastermind here. Originally this next post was supposed to be a writing prompt that I’d put in the finished folder but as it turns out I haven’t finished it. So instead you get one of my pet peeves, names. I don’t mean names in general, I don’t care if you have a posh name, a common name, a foreign name, or a local name. No, my problem is choosing character names. I mean it’s not so bad when the thing you’re writing is set in modern times, or even in the future, but as soon as I set something in the past or a fantasy world I hit a solid brick wall. Everyone expects different races (and I mean fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, humans, etc) to have names specific to their race and at least mildly unusual, no one’s going to be to thrilled with an elf prince called Bob are they? Though I digress because elves and all that stuff aren’t my current problem, no my problem involves angels. I write mostly urban fantasy at the moment and my current big project is a novel involving angels and demons and all that sort of stuff. When I  started I thought learning about angels would be easy, after all, I already had a basic understanding of them and they belong to the three major monotheistic religions so there had to be plenty of information on them. What I hadn’t counted on was there being too much information about them, as well as at the same time, not enough. Since they belong to three different religions no one can agree on who is who, what everyone does, and where they are. I’ll give you an example, there are supposedly 7 archangels but there is no definitive answer as to who they are, what they do, and what their position in heaven is. Is Lucifer an archangel? Some say yes, some say no, some say he was but isn’t anymore, I even found one site that contested his theoretical existence. At the same time there is a lack of angel names altogether, which can make it hard if a third of your characters are angels and they all need names. Then there are the demons, because of course they need names as well, but it’s hard to separate fallen angel and demon which makes it hard when you have to name both. It’s gotten to the stage where I’ll use the same name with a different spelling just to widen my options a bit. Still there is a plus side to all this name research. If I ever have kids they’re going to get called something bizarre yet meaningful.


Hello everyone I’m Michael, not to be confused with the archangel though he may be around here somewhere. I’ve been told to present myself because not only was I in the last prompt fill but I’ll probably be in the next one as well. I belong in the Immortals verse most of the time, though I occasionally make forays into other verses if my expertise are required. As for my expertise I’m an odd jobs man of sorts, a lethal odd jobs man. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be telling you so to start off I have a younger brother Jay, who is good friends with Alice, and two older siblings Kyle and Theresa, who we avoid like the plague. Jay and myself are both independents though we recently allied ourselves with Marcus’s family. Uh next up I look to be in my late teens, I’m tall and fairly well built, with short black hair and blue eyes. I like motor bikes, rock music, weapons, football, and Daniel. Yep that seems like everything if you have any questions feel free to ask, if I’m busy I’m sure Jay will answer for me. Bye.

The Immortals Verse.

Hey Alice here, Mastermind is having a nervous breakdown about her writing or lack thereof, so I’m in charge of presenting one of the writing verses I belong in. The Immortals are a group of beings who are, you guessed it, immortal. Though they appear in different settings the main one at the moment is a modern day one where immortals are divided into two main families as well as a third smaller family and independents who either have no ties or limited ties with the families. Immortals are only a small amount of the population, there are a few hundred of them, and they were all born before the start of the Roman Empire. The first family is run by Marcus and his partner Jasper they were born in the same city and left it together to establish their own where they took in all immortals they found. I along with my older brothers Elijah, Daniel, Caleb, and Blake, belong to that family. About 70 years after the city’s creation a second family was established by Marcus and his partner Luci, taking a little under half the present immortals with them. Over time members of the families became independent of them and previously unknown immortals joined families. Fast forward to modern day and everything’s in vaguely the same place as it was before only there is now a third much smaller, and more violent, family run by Kyle and his sister Theresa. Marcus runs an organisation known as ‘The Immortals’, though it employs mortals as well, which is an international criminal organisation with enough legitimate business ties to keep up appearances. Max and Kyle’s families are also criminally inclined though it’s not as structured as The Immortals. Not all family members are involved in their families criminal activities, for instance, Jasper and Marcus have split leading to two fractions of the same family. On that note, quite a few independents are into illegal stuff as well so it’s a common trait. Right that’s all for now if anything else comes up someone will undoubtedly post about it and I’ll probably be doing a presentation of myself in this verse soon. Until then, arrivederci!


(Mastermind here, this is the first writing prompt I ever completed properly. The character Michael is a regular I’m sure he’ll get around to presenting himself eventually.)





The number crackles out of a speaker high in one corner of the corridor and to be honest, Michael is surprised it still works considering it appears to be hanging down from its wires. He’s too busy legging it to what he hopes is a viable exit to think much about it though, he’s not sure what the countdown is but it’s probably not good. He needs to have Heather vet his clients and targets more carefully from now on because this is probably the seventh time something like this has happened to him in under a year.

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Presenting Alice.

Hey internet people I’m Alice, Masterminds longest running character. I pulled seniority so I get to introduce myself first, much to everyone else’s annoyance, and don’t worry if I’m not quite your cup of tea that’s fine others will be along and I don’t really give a damn. I’m also here first because I’m one of the more confusing characters, I’m in many unrelated verses with only minor changes and it can be difficult to keep up with me even for Mastermind. Well anyway I’m a girl (duh) normally immortal because I’m a fantasy chick, teenager more or less, with long blond hair and blue eyes (kind of stereotypical huh?). I’m sarcastic as hell with a dry sense of humour and no self preservation whatever verse I’m in and I don’t date (please there are better things to do than date). So that’s me, Alice, I’ll be around fairly frequently so I’m sure you’ll get to know me eventually. Ciao!

What the hell is this thing?

Huh so this is new. Don’t know what’s possessed me to do this I can barely remember to do my homework. Anyway hello this is Mastermind the creator of this blog (aren’t synonyms great I could even have been Architect, maybe I’ll be both.) allow me to introduce myself before my imagination takes over. I’m a 19 year old British girl living and getting an education in France, as such I’m bilingual though I doubt much French will turn up here unless I’m swearing. I’m a loner and as such spend the majority of my time reading, watching television, writing, listening to music, and more recently roleplaying. Though social engagements do sometimes interrupt all this it’s rare. My big dream is to be a novelist, though to be honest I’ll settle for a decent paying job first, and I write continuously (still haven’t finished anything though). Other than a truly poor attempt at a Tumblr blog this is my first time blogging and as with everything I do I honestly don’t care if others like it because I’m doing it for myself first and everyone else second. Now I must inform you that both I and the characters who post on this blog are all blunt, sarcastic, mildly crazy, and otherwise odd, if this is going to be a problem please find an exit quickly. Alright so I’m pretty sure that’s it I doubt I’ll be writing the next post, the children are fighting over who gets to go first, and to be honest I have absolutely no idea what this thing is going to be about but as long as it’s fun I don’t care.